Enjoy our seasons of full bloom, both on our beautiful island of St. Martin and for its jewel destination. With every passing year , la Samanna experiences a most outstanding reception of international travelers in all its 32-year history.
Perpetually summer, our island blossoms with a profusion of color, scents and sounds. Perfumed sprays of white jasmine and evening's ladies-of-the-night, butter-yellow alamanders and lavender petria cascades, psychedelic bougainvillea, birds and butterflies abound, all bring forth new life.

The sea is liquid turquoise with an iridescent cobalt horizon. Mango trees dangle their young fruit on hundreds of cords, expectant, fertile parents to the ripe, radiant fruits that will drop in bushels-full come the end of July.

Early blooming Flamboyant trees signal the season's change with shocks of ruby petals atop their young green arbors, prefacing their glorious annual regale of red with volumes of garnet and crimson and cadmium bouquets through June, July and August. Over twenty acres of cultivated gardens at La Samanna will rejoice in color throughout this summer crescendo.
We welcome you to join us!

Ooo..la..la....La Samanna

The name La Samanna began as a symbolic strand of syllables representing three young girls' names whose parents' dream was fulfilled by the welcome of their first guests to this exclusive French West Indian resort.

Today, the word "La Samanna" carries its own meaning and purpose; an adjective that describes a standard of quality and performance; a synonym for excellence and enchantment, an oasis, Nirvana.

Les Belles Couleurs de La Samanna

Each new season, La Samanna opens their doors with a stellar collection of Sir Roland Richardson's jubilant paintings, where he has become known as
La Samanna's resident artist, as he has spent many years there, finding beautiful nooks and crannies to prop his easle and quietly create miraculous works in a mesmeric setting.

Sir Richardson's paintings of La Samanna over the past decade are records of the transient yet ever-lasting beauty of the experience that has become world-renowned as a Caribbean destination. He also knows La Samanna from the day James Frankel first broke ground to create his dream. Frankel even worked together with Roland Richardson on the design of the restaurant's first menu, choosing Richardson's famous "Flying Fish" engraving that has become so well known to patrons over the years.

Roland Richardson's collection on permanent exhibit, "Les Belles Couleurs de La Samanna" is a collection entirely created "en plein air", inspired by the panoramic beauty of Baie Longue, its eternal cobalt and turquoise sea, its ever-changing luminescent sky, the hidden secrets of the gardens revealed only in their season of bloom. All artworks in this exhibit are studies of light on living subjects. Each has a unique date, time and place in the history of our lives.

The exhibition features a multitude of mediums in Richardson's artworks, gracing the walls of their Art Gallery located in La Samanna's Rendez-Vous Pavillon Conference Center.  As well, Roland's welcoming beacons of light and color greeet arriving guests in La Samanna's Reception and many of the hotel's private suites.

Several of Roland Richardson's light-filled paintings created on the grounds of La Samanna are available as fine art limited editions.

For information on La Samanna reservations contact: reservations@lasamanna.com





For current photos of Roland Richardson's artwork exhibited at La Samanna, contact:   roland.laura@wanadoo.fr  






Master Classes at La Samanna

We hope to share something very special, that recently debuted at La Samanna as an extraordinary experience.
Roland Richardson began offering a Master Class every Wednesday morning in La Samanna's Rendezvous Pavillon Conference Center.  

The hours for the Wednesday class have run from 10am to 1pm, devoted to live demonstrations in portraiture and still life, story-telling of the island and its history, and the sharing of fascinating insights Sir Richardson has gained through over forty years of painting living color.

Art lovers have enjoyed observing the developments of his creations from Roland's first strokes on canvas, while surrounded by his peaceful and moving paintings on exhibition.  
This year's exhibition features works that have broken ground in art history, with 10-foot Caribbean "Plein Air" oils on canvas painted in the fields.  Visitors are encouraged to come for part or whole for this free workshop, that promises to be a very special memory for all.

Here are some lovely letters received:

Last week Cathey and I attended Roland's class at La Samana. Just wanted to give you some feedback on the experience. And that's what is was "An Experience". I claim no artistic talent nor mindset except-I know what I like and I like to look at it !

We attended because Cathey is an amateur artist and thought it would be educational for her. I had no such expectations.
Wow was I wrong. We stayed 4 hours and truly enjoyed every minute. Roland's sharing of his philosophy, experiences, technique and island vignettes gave even this old curmudgeon a great appreciation of Roland's talent, dedication and enthusiasm for his work and home. This can't be easy conversing and creating simultaneously. We applaud him for giving of his time and energy.

He truly is sharing his love of the island, family and work. We look forward to our next visit and continuing education.

Greg & Cathey Upp

What a colorful experience!   Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your engaging painting lecture Wednesday.
We haven't been this moved by art since our last visit to the museums of Paris!
Thank you for sharing your perspectives and philosophy about the Divine in all you do!!!
But most of all, THANK YOU for being YOU!!!    

All very best wishes,   

Denise and Alan Moss

To enter our gallery of limited editions, click on the frame.




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